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"I had the honor of serving alongside Shannon Kimball for 6 out of the 8 years I served on Lawrence's Board of Education, working particularly closely with her as part of the policy review committee. I know Shannon to be incredibly thoughtful, dedicated, and hardworking. She can always be counted on to do her homework on an issue, carefully considering multiple perspectives before making tough decisions. I am so thankful for Shannon's service to Lawrence Public Schools and for all of the work she does more broadly through the Kansas Association of School Boards, the state legislature, and the National School Boards Association, working hard at the local, state, and national levels to ensure Kansas schools improve and adapt to serve all students." 


-Vanessa Sanburn, past president and former board member, USD 497 Lawrence Public Schools

"We are thrilled that Shannon has chosen to seek another two year term on our school board. She has served with integrity and vision for the past twelve years, and has proven herself to be a competent and intelligent leader, through some of the most challenging times ever faced by public schools. We can think of no one who is more capable, experienced, or compassionate than Shannon Kimball to serve our students and our schools."

-Dr. Scott and Linda Robinson, LEAP founder and former board member, USD 497

“Shannon Kimball is an educational leader who asks what each child in Lawrence needs to be successful in life. She seeks solutions that are innovative and collaborative to empower educators to teach in the same way. I witnessed this dedication as we served together on the Executive Committee of the Kansas Association of School Boards and she advocated for the needs of each Kansas student.”

-Lori Blake, past president, Kansas Association of School Boards and past president and former board member, USD 306 Southeast of Saline

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